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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Picture this, you launch your new website and it looks beautiful. It has lots of cool features but there is one major issue – you hardly get any visitors. You might feel like your website has been lost in outer space. This is where the team at Code Galaxy come in! As an experienced SEO agency in Lancashire, we use an effective marketing method known as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO services), where we help your site rank higher on Google’s search engines. This puts you above your competitors and directly in front of your target audience.

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Link Building

Building high quality backlinks from authoritative domains to your website, has a great impact on boosting your site in the search engine results. In addition, it generates a higher frequency of traffic from the source of the link. Through our thorough research and analysis, we pick out the best places to obtain backlinks for your website.

Keyword Research

To create a campaign that will place your company in the spotlight, it is our job to complete an in depth market research, that will consider the volumes and trends of keywords that match your industry. Using thorough research, we compile lists of key words and phrases that your consumers are most likely to use when searching for services within your industry. This information helps us optimise your content with the most effective keywords.

On-Site SEO Techniques

For your website to achieve high rankings with your target keywords, it is vital to start by optimising the code and content structure of your website. Having your target keywords positioned in relevant areas of the site is a crucial part of a successful SEO campaign.

Detailed Reporting

All SEO campaigns are tracked; this provides us with clear and concise data that we analyse strategically. We consider the search results for each keyword and the traffic levels for organic search traffic. We report back monthly with the progress.


Ever heard the phase content is king? Well it is true, the right content is crucial to achieve success for an SEO campaign. We create quality content and articles, that are written with the target keywords in mind. Quality content not only improves the sites search engine results, but it also gives us quality news to share on social media. With effective content, you will be sure to notice an increase in traffic to your website.

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