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Things to consider when choosing a website design agency

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Buying a website for your company is a huge investment and we don’t just mean financially. A website is a brochure for your company, showcasing your services to new clients and customers. From your image to your presence, your chosen website says a lot about your business. Therefore, it is important that you make sure you have all the essential elements for a beautiful and effective website. You might or might not know much about website development and design, but that’s ok. You still might find some of our advice and information useful to you and then website design agency.

Firstly, when researching your first or new website, consider the following:

  • How easy was it to reach and communicate with the designer? This may signal how reachable they will be in the future and when they’re handling your website design and development.
  • To what degree does your designer understand what you need in a website and what you’re trying to achieve with this new website?
  • If something was to go wrong, how is your website protected?

When you have considered these points, and feel that you’re happy to move forward with the website design agency, your next area of focus will be on pricing. This is an area that you need to be careful with and ensure you fully understand exactly what you’re buying into and overall how much it will cost you. A great website takes time to make perfect, therefore, don’t get caught up in a package where you pay by the hour. As in the long run, this can become very expensive if any amendments or edits are needed. Make sure the price that you have been quoted, is the overall total cost and that there will no hidden extras. As it is best to ask this now, rather than be disappointed when you find out later.

Finally, when your website has been created and you’re happy with the design, effectiveness and functionality. Consider what relationship will you continue to have with the website design agency. Will they help you market your website? Can they help with the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website, (the bit that helps you appear higher on Google)? And if down the line there was a fault with an aspect of your website, will they still be happy to help?

At Code Galaxy, we don’t believe in creating a website, taking a payment and waving the customer goodbye. We care about the full journey, supporting and advising the customer throughout the growth and development of their website and business.

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