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Mary Speakman 11/03/2019

7 Simple Tips for Marketing on a Budget

Effective marketing can be expensive. If you’re a start-up trying to get going with limited resources and a minute marketing budget, it might seem impossible, yet without it you’re never going to grow. So how do you break the impasse?

Nicky Speakman 26/02/2019

Convert to WordPress before the end of Adobe Business Catalyst

For some time, Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) has been one of the industry leaders for business or agency websites. It’s not difficult to see why — it’s a turnkey solution that offers numerous benefits, such as E-commerce, Customer Database, Content Management, Reporting and Analytics, and Email Marketing built in.

Mary Speakman 12/12/2018

Smarter Website Traffic for Better ROI

Smarter Website Traffic for Better ROI Your need more website traffic. That’s what you’ll be told by pretty much any online marketer, along with assurances that they know how to achieve this. But is it really as simple as that?

Mary Speakman 29/10/2018

How to design a website

Exciting news. You have a business and you want know how to design a website that will help promote the services or products you sell. You’ve never designed a website, but you want to make a stance in the digital world and show everyone that you really do mean business.

Nicky Speakman 12/09/2018

New Soft Tip Darts Revolution

Code Galaxy recently started working closely with Blackpool based soft tip darts machine company - Soft Tip UK, otherwise known as STUK.

Nicky Speakman 14/08/2018

Top Google Rankings for Equity Release Company

At Code Galaxy, we get to work with, ambien 10 mg ambien 10 mg is a sleeping pill that’s commonly available in the USA pharmacy and know our clients very well. We see ourselves as an extension of their team and get very excited whenever they achieve their goals.

Mary Speakman 30/07/2018

How Not to Have a Useless Website

Are you looking for strategies to maximise the performance and conversion rate of your existing website? Maybe you’re a new business and you’re wondering what the key ingredients of a successful website are? In essence, you want to avoid having a useless website.

Nicky Speakman 21/05/2018

6 Simple Reasons Your Website is Failing

Failing is not a topic we like to discuss often, as we like to promote positive vibes; however, the truth is there are many websites failing. Working in this industry, we see it often and more often than not, the website owners are confused as to why their site receives no traction or visitors.

Nicky Speakman 15/02/2018

Code Galaxy are exhibiting and speaking at Europe’s largest business exhibition

The team at Code Galaxy are excited to be an exhibitor at Europe’s largest business exhibition, which is coming to London’s ExCeL on 16 & 17 May, 2018 - in what will be an unmissable event for anyone starting or growing a business.

Nicky Speakman 12/02/2018

Simple infographic for the best On-Page SEO techniques

If you have been trying to generate more search engine traffic through every piece of content that you publish, then you might have been looking for some practical strategies to use on your website.

Nicky Speakman 23/01/2018

Making sure your website is compliant with GDPR

You have probably heard many people banging the drum about GDPR and you may have considered how this impact your business.

Nicky Speakman 18/12/2017

On Page SEO Checklist 2018

Google’s database is like an ocean full of data; where a website is only a drop in the ocean. There are many ways to help websites rise to the top of a search engine and have a larger presence on Google; one method is on page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


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