Luxury brand wanted a simplistic and professional website for their relaunch


FRADIMÉ, a distinguished British luxury streetwear brand, boldly diverges from the mainstream to forge its distinctive design narrative. Conceived and meticulously crafted by Morgan Thornton, FRADIMÉ embodies the ethos of doing things uniquely, on its own terms. The ready-to-wear streetwear clothing collection seamlessly blends unfiltered creativity with the utmost quality in luxury fabrics and production techniques. Drawing inspiration from its internal reservoir of creativity, FRADIMÉ remains steadfast in its subversive spirit, consistently challenging boundaries across every facet of its brand.

What we did

fradime ecommerce

Bespoke E-Commerce Development

Our website development team created a bespoke website on our client’s chosen platform, Shopify.

Our aim was not just to meet but exceed expectations, delivering an unparalleled and intuitive user experience that seamlessly guides customers through the opulent world of luxury clothing. This is demonstrated in the advanced filtering, navigation and search capabilities.

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