New website launched for BBLG

New website launched for BBLG

4 May 2022

Code Galaxy launch new website for Blackpool Business Leadership Group with additional micro site

Last month, we launched the new Blackpool Business Leadership Group website to include a micro site for Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network.

The new website was commissioned to showcase the news of the Blackpool Business Leadership Group (BBLG), promote events and increase the organisation’s membership.

Alongside the BBLG website, we were asked to create an integrated micro site for BBLG partner, The Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network (RBN) to attract support for their campaigns and publicise their socially responsible work and events.

Director of Code Galaxy, Nicky Speakman said: “BBLG and RBN were keen to develop a website that both sets of members would be proud of. It needed to be informative and engaging to increase interest and support.

“It was important that we achieved the balance between providing a cohesive site for the two organisations while also promoting them as independent bodies, each with its own objectives and interests. So far both sites have had great feedback.”

Martin Long, chair of the BBLG, said: “We were delighted to be able to use a locally-based company to produce a new website. As the business community emerges from the impact of the pandemic, it is more important than ever that we have a platform where we can easily communicate and work together for the greater good of the town.

“Over the years, the BBLG has gone from a handful of members to now regularly attracting up to 150 businesses to its bi-monthly meetings so it is really important to have an online presence that reflects the group’s status.

“The new-look site has created a first-class platform to keep members up to date with BBLG news and events, and has also given us the opportunity to create a web presence for the Responsible Business Network.”

Michelle Walker, Project Manager of the Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network said, “It’s been a pleasure to work with Code Galaxy on our new micro-site, they fully understood the brief and have delivered a fantastic product which is perfect for our needs, which is to signpost and encourage new businesses as to how they can get involved in their local community. We’re also extremely grateful to Philip Welsh and Martin Long for this collaboration and encourage any members of the BBLG to get in touch to see how we can support their social responsibility.”

* The website relaunch was facilitated using funding from the Welcome Back Fund and Blackpool Council

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