Code Galaxy build two new sites for Manchester recruiter’s international expansion

Code Galaxy build two new sites for Manchester recruiter’s international expansion

7 June 2022

Blackpool web and software developers Code Galaxy have built two websites that have helped Manchester recruitment firm Edgewell expand into the US and Europe.

Edgewell, headquartered in Manchester, cover a range of recruitment disciplines including executive search, graduate schemes, contractors and their own Mini-RPO solution that targets specific functions within a business.

The two sites developed by Code Galaxy are for Edgewell’s supply chain division Edgewell Supply Chain, and the other for FinTech (financial technology) Edgewell FinTech.

Both sites are integrated with Manatal recruitment software to grab and filter through jobs across the world. This software integration saves Edgewell time, helping them to select, showcase and promote the jobs they have available.

Director of Code Galaxy, Mary Speakman, said: “Working with Edgewell has been really enjoyable. The software integration alongside designing the aesthetics of the site has made this a great all-around project for us that’s got the creative and techy juices flowing! We’re delighted with the outcome of both sites knowing that they have helped Edgewell expand into new international territories.”

Founder of Edgewell, Joey Luttrull said: “We have really enjoyed working with Mary, Nicky, and the Code Galaxy team to transform our brand and website to represent our Global reach and expansion. Something I can say for sure is they have been just as passionate about getting it right as we have!”

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