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Our Process

An effective website begins with a solid plan and a systematic approach. We follow our process closely, to adhere to deadlines and to maintain high quality standards of work. Our clients enjoy knowing the way we work, as it helps them visualise how the project will develop and what to expect during each stage.

  • Step 1


    Incredible websites begin when there is a clear understanding of your needs and ambitious business goals. We start off by listening attentively whilst you tell us all about your requirements, vision, branding, target audience, budget and timescale. During this period, we find out everything we need to know about your future website and discuss how we will fulfil your expectations.

  • Step 2


    Once we have a solid plan, we then let our creative juices flow. Using your colour scheme, design preferences and business objectives, we create a mock-up of your site. We have a play around with the design to create a few variations that best suit your specification and business goals. When we are happy with the design, you’ll be sent a copy to review. We can make amendments and revise the design to ensure you are happy with the design of your website. When we get the thumbs up, we move on to the development stage.

  • Step 3


    When we have all the information we need from you, we then map out how we will make it all happen. We create a strategy on how we will collaborate the design and development of the website to ensure it not only looks beautiful, but it is also effective with all the requirements and functionality specified. We consider the layout of the pages and how the sections will be organised, whilst considering the relationships between all the pages.

  • Step 4


    Once we are all happy with your brand new, beautiful website - we prepare it for launch and release it to the public. You will have all the important information that you will need to use your website to its full potential. We always use best practice, as we aim to provide you with an innovative website that you’ll be over the moon with.

  • Step 5


    When your website project has been completed, we will offer you support and guidance so that you can effectively utilise all aspects of your site. Just because the project has come to an end, does not mean our support and care ends.

    A successful website needs to be maintained, this is why the team at Code Galaxy believe on-going technical support, software updates, health checks, optimisation and marketing of your site, is important for optimal performance. We offer comprehensive support packages to suit the needs of your business.

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