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How to design a website

How to design a website

Exciting news. You have a business and you want know how to design a website that will help promote the services or products you sell. You’ve never designed a website, but you want to make a stance in the digital world and show everyone that you really do mean business.

But, what does a good website even need? and where do you start?


Firstly, think about your branding. Do you have any colours in mind? Try and choose colours that compliment each other, rather than colours that you like the look of. Also, try and consider your target audience who may have visual impairments and quite possibly could be colour blind.

Once you’ve chosen your colours, it is important to be consistent with those colours throughout. Try and stick to under three predominant colours, otherwise it will get messy.

Tone and typography

Do you know who your ideal client is? If you don’t, use one of those client avatar pictures to jot down any characteristics they may have. With this in mind, what tone do you want to set? If you are in banking, you might want something more corporate. Compared to a playgroup, who will want something bright and exciting. From your colours, to your typography and to your tone of language, it all needs to have a consistent flow.

Font size

What font size do you need? You need to consider who your website visitors are. For example, a website relating to pensions will commonly have a font size much larger than average. This is to accommodate the needs of the website user. The font style needs to be carefully chosen, as this too can prevent your message from being clearly received.

Call to action

When you visitors have landed on your site, what do you want them to do next? Carefully consider your navigation and where you are directing them. If you want them to contact you, it is crucial that your contact details are easily accessible. This is the reason why contact details are often found in the header or footer. Your users need direction, they need to be guided. Do you want them to ask for more info? Is there a newsletter you want them to subscribe to? Are you wanting them to buy your products? If you do, let them know that and make it a simple and easy process to do so.


Your visitors have an expectation to how a website should be structured. Changing the flow of a website too much can lead to confusion. The structure needs to be clear and concise. We are not saying keep safe, we embrace difference and creativity. We are just saying there are website fundamentals that need to be kept in order. Like a logo, where are you likely to see that on a website?


Choose high quality images that represent your business well. Images need to be engaging and look attractive. They are a representation of you, your business and the products and services you have to offer. Avoid using images that are pixelated or stretched – it’s not a good look.

Website design inspiration

If you are stuck for inspiration, keep a look out for other websites that you like the style of. You might find a few that all have features that you like. Can these all come together nicely to make a mighty, mean website? Can you take an idea and make it better?

Good luck with your website! Keep us posted on your progress in the comments below and if you need any help, give us a call!

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